you may not be plastic, but you are fantastic. ♥

K A T A R I N A. ❥ what will i see here if i follow you? ♥ dianna agron, mark salling, salgron/quick, cory monteith, animals, glee, music, and occasionally other ships i like and things i like. what are a few things you like? ♥ i like a lot of things, but my favorites are dianna agron, mark salling, salgron/quick, cory monteith, pandas, elderly people, children, bruno mars, jonas brothers, one direction, bubbles, and sparkles. how often are you online? ♥ as often as i can get on. what do you ship? ♥ quinn and puck, brittany and santana, a few others. ships you dislike/hate? ♥ anyone with puck, besides quinn. quinn is the only girl that's right for him.
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Anonymous asked:
"is that diane chick your gf or something"

No, I have a boyfriend and I’m almost positive she’s still dating someone. She’s my best friend on Twitter (as well as a few others) and that kissing thing is something that we joke about. I do love her, though, and I rarely get to talk to her anymore, so I’m excited that we can finally catch up. :)